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Here you’ll find a list of my independent work as a filmmaker (mostly editing, producing, directing, and writing, in various combinations). I haven’t included work from my day job as part of the Compost Creative production team, where I coordinate a team producing animation, VFX, and motion graphics for film, TV, games, etc. You can keep up with the work being made there on the studio’s website.

Goodbye, World (2024)
editor / producer


11 minutes

A young woman anxiously considers whether to leave the physical world behind.

I developed this film alongside writer-director Kimia Ipakchi. It’s a kind of contemplative sci-fi film. After finishing the film in May, we’re about to embark on a festival tour. Please contact me if you have an interest in seeing it.

Papercut (2022)
director / writer / editor / producer

Papercut still for portfolio.png

Watch the film here


19 minutes


The rediscovery of a letter from a former friend prompts a young woman to consider what went wrong.


This short film, in which I appear as myself, mixes elements of fiction and nonfiction to tell a personal story.



  • 2023 – Birkbeck Arts Week

  • 2022 – Drunken Film Festival Bradford

Checking In (2020)
director / editor


Watch the film here


6 minutes


A snapshot of early lockdown, exploring communication in a time of social isolation.


I conceived of and produced this film within a month (one of the delirious early months of the first COVID lockdown). It’s a little time capsule that I'm really grateful to have.



  • 2020 – Runner Up in Essex Doc Fest’s ‘Inventive Connections’ Competition

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